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Dropshipping Amazon.com

From Amazon to eBay, Shopify, Fulfilment by Amazon

Dropshipping from Amazon.com

Nowadays dropshipping is a steadily developing and popular type of business. Its essence is to buy goods at the lowest possible price at the source, for example, on Amazon and sell on ebay, increasing the price.

In order to get the maximum desired profit, you need to build a working strategy. To begin with, determine the type of goods that have the highest demand. The convenience of Easync is that our software can do this for you.

Easync сan choose the most popular items for you with an instrument called "hot items". It doesn’t only select products but also create listings for your store consisting of these demanded items. It is made with your approval. This unique feature is a great helper for successful development of your store.

In any business, timing plays a key role. Dropshipping is not an exception. When a buyer makes an order on eBay it must be ordered on Amazon immediately. If it is not, the profit may be lost. To avoid this Easync offers Auto ordering. It means that after the buyer made an order on eBay it is purchased on Amazon just at the moment. Our software takes customer’s address and the goods are shipped very quickly. Your buyer gets Tracking information.

Another great feature of Easync is a repricing tool. Our software will control the price and availability of your listings every 15 minutes. It keeps our member's stores on top.

There are no problems with returns. If the buyer wants to return the item, just click the return button on the item you need. Easync will do everything for you. The return procedure will be started immediately. You and the buyer will receive all the needed information related to this transaction.

The first step for the drop ship start is creating an account. For the most productive dropshipping from Амazon US to eBay US you better buy a Prime for your account which costs just 12.99/month and the first month is free. Prime status gives you an access for free two days shipping of the items. There are many products with free shipping but it takes more days without Prime. If you are ready to pay for shipping you should raise your profit margins on that store to cover all the shipping costs